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This site is dedicated to the comparison of options available to parents with children on the Autism spectrum.   This is not an exhaustive list, only covering the most mainstream/popular interventions and comparing them to Relationship development Intervention.   Visit my blog at http://educationforremediation.blogspot.com/p/why-this-blogabout-me.html

Our family was able to overcome Autism through Relationship Development Intervention.   Because of that success I trained to be an RDI consultant so that I can help families with the same opportunity!    Many calls I receive ask questions about comparisons...and I know when I was researching therapies for my own children years ago I had wished there was something or someone who went before me to at least give me a guideline so that I can get an idea of the similarities and differences between mainstream therapies.  Many Autism sites give a brief description of each therapy option.  My goal here is to go into more detail for a clearer understanding.

Within Autism, parents are at the forefront to help their children.  Many Times parents are the ones educating their pediatricians on the different methodology.  Families tend to lean on parents who have already paved the way for success with their own children ( Long term remediation/recovery) when it comes to treatment.

I would like this page to be a work in progress.  Yes, I am partial to Relationship DevelopmentIintervention because I do believe it is the most precise program to help our children on the spectrum achieve not only static skills but dynamic Intelligence.  RDI has the revolutionary Dynamic Intelligence curriculum that breaks down developmentally what our children did not get the first time because of their Autism,.  However, I want to make sure I am accurate in my comparisons, so I will make every attempt to contact a professional for each comparison.  For instance, for my comparison with ABa I consulted a professional who has a masters in ABA Science.

I hope you find the information helpful in your journey to know what is best for your own family.

If you would like more information on the (RDI) Guided reflection start up program, please visit  http://www.autismremediationforourchildren.com   contact me at 609-315-4416 or email me at rdi4autism@gmail.com